River levels

What's the river like today?

Your rafting experience changes with the river level and the weather. The beauty of the river is that it's never the same twice! To give you an idea of what you can expect when you are coming to raft with us, explore the levels below:

Less than 0.35

This is a fun way to explore the river for people who enjoy the added challenge of scrambling between calm, deep pools. Expect to get wet and to work with your partner to paddle, shuffle and adventure with your raft down the river. A good degree of physical ability and confidence on your feet is essential as the water gets lower – you may need to scramble over wet, slippery rocks. There are plenty of opportunities to go for a swim and have a splash.

0.35 – 0.6

An ideal level for those wanting an active, fun trip with plenty of opportunity to explore under the Huon pines, play in waves and go with the flow. This is a great river level for those wanting to have an enjoyable trip down river that also has the challenge of following your guide around obstacles as you lose yourself in the magic of the river.

Above 0.6

At this level, you can expect a much more relaxing and serene trip if you want it, as the flow of the river carries you through the forest. Or if you want to get wet, you can enjoy splash fights and playing in the current and waves. This is perfect for those that wish to explore and relax while having tales spun by your guide on the natural history of the region and the early pioneers that made this place their home.