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Tasmanian Resident Adventure Pass

Access the park for 18 months

Access all walks and activities

Specially for Tasmanian residents

Single and family passes

Say yes to 18 months of excitement and fun in the forest

The TAHUNE ADVENTURE PASS is a great way to enjoy all the action and activities at Tahune Adventures Tasmania.

The pass means that local Tasmanians can bring visiting friends and relatives to experience everything Tahune Adventures has to offer.

After you purchase the Pass (see prices below), the pass-holder will receive free entry to the site and free access to all the walks for 18 months, including the famous AirWalk itself. You’ll also get reduced rates on accommodation and activities including Eagle Hang Gliding and River Rafting.

You can visit as many times as you like through the 18-month period, passes are renewable after the 18 months.

So get your Tahune Adventure Pass now and start using it to discover all the excitement and fun of Tahune Adventures Tasmania.

Tasmanian ID card or drivers licence is required for card collection and each time you visit the site. Terms and conditions apply.

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